Policy advice

- Risk evaluation
- Standard setting
- Optimising the management of a portfolio of flood defences
- Prioritising flood risk management actions
- Governance

Technical advice

- Quantitative risk analysis
- The development of design guidelines
- The development of (semi-)probabilistic safety assessment methods
- Probabilistic design
- Reviews and due diligence

Ruben Jongejan studied Civil Engineering at Delft University of Technology and Political Science at Leiden University in the Netherlands. He obtained his PhD from Delft University of Technology in 2008. During his PhD, he served on committees of the Netherlands Hazardous Materials Council, worked as a visiting academic at the London School of Economics, and did advisory work. After finishing his studies, Ruben founded Jongejan RMC and started as an independent consultant.

Ruben is still affiliated with the Department of Hydraulic Engineering at Delft University. He is also a member of the Netherlands Commission for Environmental Assessment (NCEA) and a member of the Safety and Flood Risk Approach Workgroup of the Dutch Expertise Network for Flood Protection (ENW).



Two related policy domains

Flood risk management. The Dutch flood risk management policy is currently in a transitional phase. A new type of safety standard will be introduced, necessitating a redesign of the institutional framework, the introduction of new technical guidelines, and changes to standard operating procedures.

Industrial safety. The Dutch major hazards policy deals with the third party risks associated with the production, storage and transport of hazardous materials.